Er… the website

February 17, 2012

So this is it.


Why bother?

I do a lot of different things. I write, I develop material. I direct. I work in the theatre. I take photographs.  I wanted to find a way of pulling all that together so here we are. I hope it gives you a sense of what I do, who I am.

This page – the blog – is a place to discuss, try stuff out.

Other places – the vault, for example – is what it says: a vault of material. There’s bits and pieces that go back over the years. Scripts I love that never got made.  Ideas that I’ve chewed on.

The work section contains some clips to give you a sense of what individual projects are like. There’s even an ancient show reel (another up to date one is in the mix).  For the theatre work I’ll add photographs and reviews as we find them.

And then there’s the photography section. Again, the collection here is just a taste and I will be adding whole projects.

But the website isn’t just a one-way process. I’d love to hear what you think, what your ideas are. Write to

None of this would have happened without the incredible work and energy of two of the nicest and most creative people I’ve worked with in a long time. I met Bahi Para when he rescued me from a digital photography black hole. I was thinking about a website and he and his partner Bobo Ling grabbed the ideas I was stumbling about with, made sense of them, and have been tireless, completely charming and patient beyond reason.